Visiting 30+ Museums: Semester Recap

I went a little overboard with wanting to visit museums this semester. To me, museums are a great way to better understand the history and culture of a place in an interactive way, so I wanted to visit as many as possible! Later this week, I am going to visit Nordiska and Skansen, completing my tour of the Djurgården museums, so stay tuned for a blog on those! At the beginning of the semester, I visited many free museums and wrote a blog about it (Tour of Stockholm’s Museums). I reviewed the Hallwylska Museet, Royal Armory, Royal Palace, Museum Tre Kronor, Swedish History Museum, Medelhavsmuseet, and the National Museum. Since then, I’ve visited even more!

I visited three more free museums in Stockholm: Etnografiska, Ostasiatiska, and the Moderna Museet. Etnografiska is an ethnography museum that I visited on a DIS trip. It has cultural artifacts from China, Korea, South and Southeast Asia, the Pacific region, the Americas and Africa. It was a fun trip and a well-organized museum. It was also very interactive, with many videos and games you could play. I visited Ostasiatiska and the Moderna Museet in the same day. Ostasiatiska has exhibits on different East Asian cultures. It was a small museum, but it had a lot of information. Most of the displays were ancient artifacts, as well as some areas with a chronological timeline you could walk down. Moderna is the modern art museum, and it poses works from Dali and Picasso. There are many different exhibits, and it definitely takes a while to get through, but it is worth it! Both Ostasiatiska and Moderna are on the island of Skeppsholmen, across from Gamla Stan.

Some of my favorite museums I visited were the paid ones in different parts of Stockholm. Fotografiska (~$18) is a photography museum located on Södermalm that is well worth the hype! There are many different photography styles and exhibits, and it is incredible to see what some artists do with their camera. It is definitely a different vibe from the traditional art museums, but it is lovely to visit! Next up is the Nobel Prize Museum, right in the heart of Gamla Stan. I visited with DIS, and we got a tour of the museum (~$9). It is very small, but the information is astounding. They have collected donations from some Nobel Prize winners and have descriptions all around the museums. They also have sections that go into the clothing people have worn and how the menu is created. With the Nobel Prizes being awarded in Stockholm, this museum is great to visit if you’re ever in Stockholm. Last is Millesgården (~$14), located on Lidingö, right along the water. The museum was created by Carl Milles, who both loved collecting sculptures and art in his home. While the statues and artworks were beautiful, the view was unbeatable – one of my favorite lookouts in Stockholm.

To recap this semester’s travels so far, here is a list of the places I visited outside of Stockholm! If you’re interested in hearing more about each of these cities and museums, I have blogs up describing what I enjoyed and explored 🙂 In Malmö, I visited the Malmö Museum. It had multiple different sections: natural history, aquarium, a race exhibit, and more. In Budapest, I visited the Hungarian National Museum as well as two museums within Budapest Castle: The Castle Museum/Budapest History Museum and the Hungarian National Library. For Gothenburg, I saw the Konstmuseum (Museum of Fine Art) and the Universeum, a science museum, rainforest, and planetarium all in one. I visited five museums in London, which left my brain a little overloaded: Museum of London, Welcome Collection, National Gallery of Art, Victoria & Albert, and the British Museum. During my trip to Paris, Nice, and Barcelona, I visited the Musee D’Orsay, Louvre, and the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Many of the museums were free for students under 26 studying in the EU, which was great. All of these museums were exciting in different ways and exposed me to different parts of the city’s/nation’s culture.

My visits to museums were some of my favorite parts of the semester. It was a great activity to do if I didn’t have any other plans, and I got to know the cities I was in better because of it. Looking forward to more museum adventures!

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